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Self-training Face Recognition with DLIB and OpenCV

Facial recognition seemed to be a bit daunting to me. OpenCV Facial Recognition Tutorial and OpenCV Facial Recognition in Video. The process seemed very convoluted and time consuming. First you had to get the training images, put in a directory, create... Continue Reading →

Multi Processing OpenCV Video Image Environment

So what is this. Well partly an update on my previous project Multi Processing OpenCV Home Surveillance System but also a lot more. It is a mix and match environment of classes that can be combined to do lots of different image tasks each working in its own process. Ideal for rapid prototyping etc. Read More ...

Multi Processing OpenCV Home Surveillance System

Having an old webcam hanging about and a pizero (in a customized matchbox case) available (a MagPi freebee) I decided to try my hand at Motion Detection. Looking at some of the stuff around, I was introduced to Pyimagesearch Search a site which is excellent for anything to do with OpenCV. A lot of the ideas for my system came from here. Also very worthy of praise is Derek Simkowiak work on tracking gerbils. Read more ...

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